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BIMAP is now a Cave Shepherd Card Mobile partner.

by Administrative Assistant -

BIMAP is now a Cave Shepherd Card Mobile partner.

Great news for prospective, new and current BIMAP Students! Do yourself a favour and stay relevant, get trained, retool to do something that you love or retrain with new skills.

10 steps to paying with the mobile app:

Simply follow these instructions if you are a Cave Shepherd Card Holder, or logon to the site at: to find out if you qualify for a card.

It's simple and easy and results are known in 24 hours.


Invest in you!

Thanks to this latest partnership between Cave Shepherd Card Services and BIMAP, with so many courses to choose from, BIMAP is offering you an opportunity to retool during these unprecedented times.

Here’s an exclusive offer for you Cardholders!

Register today and be one of the first of 20 students to receive a $25.00 Credit back to their Account!

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information on courses being offered.




Online Course Schedule - Term II, 2020

by Administrative Assistant -

Please see below, the ONLINE Course Schedule for Term II, 2020 with the relevant fees and start dates. Kindly note that the period for Term II is May 23 to July 25, 2020.

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